How Does Khoji Save 20% Time For Managers ?

How Does Khoji Save 20% Time For Managers ?

Being a manager isn’t easy; communication, coordination, status updates, and getting things done drain all of their energy. They are basically deluged by work at hand making them wish for having “a little more time”. 

Khoji for Agile is their wish to come true. Khoji for agile offers complete project data, team insights, work updates, delivery analysis, and reports. But most importantly, it offers action items and next steps. Khojis RPA sends an email every day with clear updates about the project and team members, providing transparent, real-time, and up-to-date visual highlights about who is working on what, how the project plan is moving along with the execution strategy, and where & how the money is being spent on resources. Moreover, the timing of this email can be customized according to your preferences. The manager no longer needs to have hours-long meetings or spend extra time getting updates and spend more time on important tasks. 

Thus, saving 20% of their time! This amounts to cost savings of more than $50,000 a month. 

Get Khoji for Agile now to save more time & money!


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