Agile Fridays

Teaching the art of embracing the Agile Mindset

How we do it

We follow a unique format and provide an experience that is inspiring, interactive and collaborative. It is not just a podcast, but a global community, drawing from vast experiences in the field, extensive online material, key insights from industry leaders and ongoing research on the hottest/latest topics on Agility and Change. Here is how we do it.

Podcast style talks

A live one on one session with inspiring insights and learnings from international practitioners and thought leaders providing hands-on impulse sessions about stretching business agility in real life.

Deep dives

A panel discussion with a dedicated facilitator offering a space to share, learn and discuss complex and trending topics around workplace agility.


Agile Fridays is about bringing agile offerings to the digital world, embracing the latest technology to help spread the best ideas. It is a virtual event that brings a series of talks from agile space focusing on stories from seasoned agile experts, industry giants, thought leaders and practitioners around the globe.
Our mission is to make society more productive, more humane and more sustainable. Hence, we are bringing together the knowledge and experience of the world’s top 500 agile practitioners, members of the agile community and those interested in embracing an agile mindset to impart learning and network with peers. It’s a weekly event combining 30 min talks, interviews and conversations with the speakers; providing a great learning experience to the attendees.


Agile Fridays began in September 2021, and here is a list of world-class speakers who have participated so far.

Session Archive

You can tune into our sessions here.

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