Stay focused on what matters most: 5 priorities for PMOs in the next normal

The year 2022 ended with a lot of uncertainty, and the beginning of 2023 was just as disruptive. With the world remaining in a state of flux, it is crucial for project managers to stay focused on what matters the most. In this article, we will discuss the top five priorities for PMOs as we approach the next phase of work within an ever-shifting landscape.  

1.Courageous Leadership

In a world full of chaos and disruption, the most crucial aspect of successful project management is having a leader who embodies true courage. Unfortunately, finding such leaders is rare these days. Many leaders shy away from making difficult decisions that are crucial for project success. 

As project leaders, it is our duty to distinguish ourselves from the rest. We shoulder the responsibility of shaping the future for our sponsors. To achieve this, we must be willing to put everything on the line and conduct ourselves with the utmost honesty and integrity. Only then can we inspire our teams to follow our lead and achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

2.Personal Resilience

Managing a complex and challenging environment while maintaining a commitment to doing what is right can result in high levels of stress. Therefore, taking care of oneself is of utmost importance. It is impossible to care for one’s team and stakeholders without being in good physical, mental, and emotional health. To achieve this, there are four important things to focus on: 

Nutrition: What one eats has a significant impact on one’s overall well-being. It is important to take a break for lunch each day and ensure that one’s body is properly fueled. 

Rest: It is impossible to perform at one’s best when feeling tired. A lack of sleep can impair judgment and emotional stability just as much as alcohol. Establishing a regular sleep schedule can enhance productivity. 

Exercise: Physical exercise not only builds endurance but also provides a way to detach from work-related stress. 

Relationships: One’s mental health and protection are tied to relationships. Investing time and effort in maintaining meaningful relationships is essential, as work-life balance is vital in today’s “always-on” culture. 

3.Stakeholder Engagement

The importance of stakeholder engagement remains consistent year after year and is expected to continue in 2023. As a project manager, it’s crucial to prioritize serving the client, sponsor, and organization, but ultimately, the stakeholders are the ones who will evaluate your work. 

To ensure successful project management, exceptional stakeholder engagement is the key lever that should take precedence over other factors. As the saying goes: “Stakeholder engagement is how sophisticated adults manage projects.” 

This means placing stakeholders at the center of planning and delivery, actively engaging them, asking questions, listening, respecting their opinions, and maintaining an open dialogue. It’s important to keep stakeholders informed and work towards balancing the needs of all parties involved. 

4.Agility and Certainty

There are plenty of project management commentators to remind you of the rise of agile. And certainly, Numerous project management experts highlight the increasing popularity of agile methodologies. If you are not familiar with its advantages, limitations, and techniques, it should be a top priority for you to learn about it in 2023. 

However, there are some proponents of agile who believe that traditional project management is obsolete or should be discarded. If you encounter such views, it’s important to maintain a balanced perspective and avoid becoming overly zealous. Traditional project management has a long history of successful project planning, indicating that these methods are still valuable. 

The key priority is to recognize that there are three primary options for approaching a project.  

  • First, you can adopt a properly planned and predictive approach that incorporates agile techniques when necessary.  
  • Second, you can take a fundamentally agile approach and incorporate useful elements from traditional project management.  
  • Third, you can adopt a blended approach that combines aspects of both traditional and agile thinking. 

5. Learn to Work Virtually

The emergence of small and agile teams that use scrum or similar methods has a corresponding trend of large global teams that seldom or never meet in person. Although global teams have been around for a while, virtual teams with members working from different locations, organizations or even their homes are becoming more prevalent. However, the values that underpin good teamwork remain the same regardless of location, and as a project manager, one needs to grasp and apply them.   

Despite the abundance of virtual collaboration tools, there are limited resources on managing cross-cultural interactions in virtual teams. This presents a challenge as it is more difficult than managing such interactions in person. 

Why Khoji for Agile Should be a Priority for PMOs

In order to achieve agility and certainty, PMOs need a project management tool that is tailored to their needs. Khoji for Agile is one such tool. It is designed specifically for Agile Project Management, allowing PMOs to manage their projects more effectively and efficiently. Khoji for Agile provides a range of features that are essential for successful Agile Project Management, including sprint planning, burndown charts, agile boards, and more. 

Khoji for Agile also allows PMOs to track progress and communicate with stakeholders in real-time. This is essential for ensuring that projects stay on track and that stakeholders are kept informed every step of the way. With Khoji for Agile, PMOs can easily manage their projects, collaborate with their teams, and achieve the agility and certainty they need to succeed in the new normal. 

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