Want to ship your software releases on time? Try this approach.

How to ship software release, the simple way

Automation mess. Delayed delivery. More unsatisfied clients!
Does it sound too familiar?

Did you ever think of methods of making your software release management process more aligned than before?

Good news, you can skip repeating the unpleasant episodes time and again.

Let’s discuss How!

You might require a project analytics tool that reduces the data-automation mess into meaningful insights that are a few clicks away.

Let’s talk about how it is going to help your ship sail smoothly out in the market to deliver value to its owner.

In the planning phase, you are in the middle of the ambiguous mess, when you extend your hopes for turning your new shiny ideas to shape up into some realistic and market-accepted product.

Here you need good metrics to make your project planning process more transparent for you to build project scope.

After investing in dollars and time, what happens when your future project baby is built? What if it doesn’t deliver what it meant to? What if its a complete failure? Don’t worry, its normal if such fears are there to ghost you around very often.

To be honest, good metrics might not be a magic solution when you just press a single button and things start working out for you on their own. But project analytics tools can greatly assist you in making your life far way easier than it is now.

The smart project analytics dashboards greatly help in forming up estimations that are not based on merely past experiences and guess-work but on real-time data for you to make the right decisions.

Do project analytics tools really improve software releases?

As long as the process thats is best befitting to your company’s culture, and the system you believe in; the tools might work as a magic solution.

Since you want to allocate your data analytics in the highest-impact-areas where your data can bring more science to your decisions.

Therefore, your metrics are the backbone helping your teams operate internally and externally.

It adds extra importance among your customers who appreciate a high-level view of information about how their product is going to add value to their business.

High-level view metrics always matter to users. Transparency coming from these metrics means openness to project plans, roadmaps, roadblocks, and execution to stakeholders.

Smart analytics dashboards generate automated information-driven reports on project progress, team performance, and analytics showing alerts, bottlenecks, and roadblocks in one place for you to make meaningful decisions.

You need an intelligent analytics dashboard that shows all your project management efforts in one place. Where you can actually see how the software development process is proceeding and call for action before the problems are about to occur.

The advantage of Khoji for Agile over any other project management tool

Agree or not, you need analytics’ help to make better decisions.

Disruptive technology comes with its perks and privileges that require a dynamic and agile approach within your organization.

Here is a tool you can integrate with your system, so it can show you all-important things at one place, that can send your project to black if not avoided otherwise.

Dropping the curtains and presenting your preferred-by-experts tool; Khoji for Agile.

Khoji for Agile, a project analytics platform, helps you stay focused by aligning your business operations with outcomes in real-time.

To be precise, Khoji for Agile connects not only strategy, operations, and outcomes together but also adds transparency for leadership teams to view the process progress in a few minutes. You don’t have to dig into Epics and Story points to discover the problems.

Specifically, Khoji for Agile is a game-changing analytics platform that brings all the important data in one place for you to analyze the situation, know what is causing the problem, and take action immediately.

Khoji helps you to embrace the power of agile culture and makes your organization a competitive advantage. From large-scale to small-scale technology initiatives that are progressively complex are made more aligned, transparent, efficient, and agile.

Closing thoughts

The project management problems can feel fuzzy if you don’t track them as an organization, so the process, PM tools give you a way to quantify the problems of not being able to deliver on time.

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